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Grouper Client 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT Java API.

Package Description
Grouper client is a command line utility or java jar for Grouper, LDAP, and custom functions.
Converters for common basic types in Java.
Converters for collection objects that write their items as nested elements, such as arrays, Lists, Sets and Maps.
Extra converters that may not be enabled in XStream by default.
Library for tracking paths of nodes in documents using a subset of XPath.
Rijndael contains thrid party code for a symmetric encryption algorithm.
A small set of interfaces used by the various implementations in the sub-packages.
Base64, Binary, and Hexadecimal String encoding and decoding.
Operations to simplifiy common MessageDigest tasks.
Language and phonetic encoders.
Network related encoding and decoding.
Classes and interfaces supporting the client side of the HTTP protocol.
Provides implementation of various authentication schemes as well as utility classes that can be used to authenticate HTTP requests.
Provides cookie handling in conjunction with org.apache.commons.httpclient.Cookie.
Classes implementing org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethod for the base HTTP methods.
Provides Multipart support classes for the org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.MultipartPostMethod.
HttpClient preferences framework.
Provides protocol specific socket factory handling.
Provides some utility classes for use by HttpClient.
Provides a framework for evaluating JEXL expressions.
Provides utilities for introspection services.
Provides low-level introspective services.
Provides high-level introspective services.
Contains the Parser for JEXL script.
Contains the JSR-223 Scripting Engine for JEXL script.
Provides highly reusable static utility methods, chiefly concerned with adding value to the java.lang classes.
Assists in creating consistent equals(Object), toString(), hashCode(), and compareTo(Object) methods.
Provides support classes for multi-threaded programming.
Provides some useful event-based utilities.
Provides functionality for Exceptions.
Extends java.math for business mathematical classes.
Provides typed mutable wrappers to primitive values and Object.
Accumulates common high-level uses of the java.lang.reflect APIs.
Provides classes for handling and manipulating text, partly as an extension to java.text.
An API for creating text translation routines from a set of smaller building blocks.
Provides classes and methods to work with dates and durations.
Tuple classes, starting with a Pair class in version 3.0.
Simple wrapper API around multiple logging APIs.
Concrete implementations of commons-logging wrapper APIs.
Rijndael contains thrid party code for a symmetric encryption algorithm.
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