Class WsGrouperKerberosAuthentication

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public class WsGrouperKerberosAuthentication extends Object implements WsCustomAuthentication
 basic kerberos authentication for grouper, settings are specified in
 note: this can be used for rest and soap, though it is not a bastion of security:
  1. for soap, ws-security would be better since a ticket is passed instead of user/pass
  2. for rest, Im not sure there is another option
  3. the user/pass is transmitted in basic auth, so make sure SSL is on
  4. passing the user/pass is not how kerberos should work since kerberos passes tickets and not passes
  5. the user is authenticated to the kdc, but an ssl service is not invoked, which would be the next
  level of verification since it might be possible for the kdc to be spoofed to the grouper-ws