Registrations in the urn:mace Namespace

MACE administers a Uniform Resource Name (URN) namespace, supporting the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to resources of various kinds by MACE and its delegates. This page lists registrations in this namespace. General information about the registry is available here.

Namespaces administered by MACE:
Namespace Purpose Date registered Registry URL
urn:mace:dir directory-related URNs 2003-07-21


support of InQueue federation 2003-07-21
urn:mace:incommon support of InCommon federation 2003-07-21

Namespaces delegated to other organizations:
Namespace Organization Organizational Contact Date registered Registry URL The Swiss Education & Research Network
Thomas Lenggenhager
2003-06-17 RedIRIS
Diego R. Lopez
Javier Masa
2003-06-26 The Ohio State University Scott Cantor
2003-06-26 UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
Andrew Cormack
urn:mace:shibboleth Shibboleth Consortium
Shibboleth Consortium Contact
2003-07-21 Duke University
Robert G Carter
2003-08-18 (coming soon) Carnegie Mellon
Mark Poepping
2003-08-18 University of Maryland, Batlimore County
Paul Riddle
2003-10-03 The University of Texas Health Science
Center at Houston
William A Weems
2004-01-02 (coming soon) CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
Mikael Linden
2004-01-13 University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA)

Albert Wu

2004-02-27 UNINETT

Ingrid Melve

2004-06-29 Napster
Bruce Friedman
2004-07-19 The University of Chicago
Tom Barton
2004-07-19 The Pennsylvania State University
Mark Miller
2004-07-22 The University of Texas System
Paul Caskey
2004-07-23 University of California, Office of the President
David Walker
2004-08-12 The University of Memphis
Walter Hoehn
2004-08-17 Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education
Matt Hubbard
(coming soon) The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Keith Hazelton
2004-08-30 The University of Kansas
Kathryn Huxtable
2004-09-08 The University of Texas at Austin
C.W. Belcher
2004-10-19 University of California - San Diego

Gabriel Lawrence

2004-10-22 University of California - Riverside

Andrew Tristan

2004-11-08 University of Rochester

G. Sean Singh

2004-11-15 University of Washington

Jim Fox

2005-01-27 Georgetown University

Brent Putman

2005-02-24 Wissenschaftliches Institut für Hochschulsoftware der Universität Bamberg

Ralph Sauer

2005-02-25 Eduserv

David Orrell

(coming soon) Comité Réseau des Universités

Jean-Paul Le Guigner

2005-03-30 The Great Plains Network Consortium

Gregory E. Monaco

2005-03-31 University of Victoria

Garry Sagert

(coming soon) Becta

John Chapman

(coming soon) University of Southern California

Brendan Bellina

2005-07-01 Michigan Technological University

Cayce Will

2005-07-18 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

Jan Du Caju

(coming soon) Case Western Reserve University

David A. Kovacic

(coming soon) University of Missouri

Brian Dourty

(coming soon) University of Oslo (Norway)

Bård H.M. Jakobsen

(coming soon) JSTOR

Spencer Thomas

2005-12-05 Swedish Alliance for MIddleware (SwAMI)

Pål Axelsson

2006-01-28 Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany)

Siegfried Makedanz

2006-03-01 Stanford University

Scotty Logan

2006-05-20 Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (Japan)

Hideki Murakoshi,

(coming soon) Trans-European Research and Education Network Association (TERENA)

Licia Florio

2006-05-24 University of Alabama at Birmingham

Landy Manderson

2006-05-24 University Library Freiburg (Germany)

Bernd Oberknapp

2006-07-21 Medical University of South Carolina

W. Roger Poston, II

2006-09-12 HEAL-Link Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (Greece)

Leonidas Pispiriggas

(coming soon) Texas A&M University
Cheryl Cato
2006-12-08 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sallie Wright

(coming soon) Carleton College

Les LaCroix

2007-03-13 Texas Digital Library

Philip Mattingly

2007-03-14 University of California - Davis
Curtis Bray
2007-03-22 Universitaet Wien (Austria)
Peter Marksteiner
(coming soon) Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
Ari Kekäläinen
2007-06-28 New York University
Gary Chapman
2007-07-18 (coming soon) ACOnet - Austrian Academic Computer Network
Christian Panigl
2007-08-23 (coming soon) CSO Research, Inc.
Jason Lanham
2007-09-11 (coming soon) AusCERT
Viviani Paz
2007-10-02 University of Tennessee
Larry Jennings
2007-10-03 (coming soon) Australian Access Federation
Terry Smith
2007-10-10 Universita' di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Maria Laura Mantovani
2007-10-18 Consortium GARR - The Italian Research and Education Network
Roberto Cecchini
2007-10-22 Clemson University
Hugh Barron Johnson
(coming soon) Linköping University
Johannes Hassmund
2007-12-18 Michigan State University
John Callaghan
2008-01-09 Brown University
James Cramton
2008-03-19 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Michael A. Grady
2008-04-10 (coming soon)
Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers (CUCCIO) Mike Wiseman
2008-06-23 HEAnet Ltd.
Glenn Wearen
2008-06-24 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
Daniel Fisher
2008-07-29 Umeå Universitet, Sweden
Torbjörn Wiberg
2008-08-26 University of Massachusetts Amherst
David Lutz
2008-09-12 (coming soon) Pittsburg State University
Michael J. Wheeler
2008-10-01 University of Oregon
Noreen Hogan
2008-11-07 (coming soon) Universität Bremen, Germany
Christian Schlittchen
2008-11-07 University of Maryland University College
Richmond Stevenson
2008-11-07 (coming soon) NJEdge.Net
George Laskaris
2008-12-10 The University of Arizona
Gary Windham
2008-12-10 Rutgers University
Dave Steiner
2008-12-10 The University of Texas at San Antonio
Mark McCoy
2009-01-12 Minnesota State Colleges and
Todd Piket
2009-03-06 (coming soon) University of South Carolina
Stan Lawrimore
(coming soon) California State University
Michael Trullinger
2009-04-14 (coming soon) McMaster University
David Arnold
(coming soon) Johns Hopkins
Etan Weintraub
2009-05-12 (coming soon) Fairfield University
Kaveh Ahmadian
2009-06-17 (coming soon) Online Computer Library Center
Tod Matola
2009-06-17 (coming soon) The Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology
Roy Duncan
(coming soon) Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers (CUCCIO)
Mike Wiseman
(coming soon) Karlstad University, Sweden
Paul Scott
2009-12-07 California Institute of Technology
Zailo Leite
(coming soon) Greek Research and Technology Network
Faidon Liambotis
(coming soon) Universiteit Hasselt
Andres Henckens,
Leibniz-Institut fuer Meereswissenschaften
Ruediger Kunze,
2010-07-09 The University of Alabama
Donald Cervino
2010-07-09 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Chris Spadanuda
2010-07-09 (coming soon) University of Baltimore
George Weitzel
2010-12-01 University of British Columbia
Hari Mailvaganam
2010-12-17 (coming soon) Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern
(Virtual University of Bavaria)
Ingo Müller
2011-02-16 (coming soon) Ball State University
Alex B Chalmers
2011-04-28 TBD Academic Network of Serbia, AMRES
Zoran Jovanovic
2011-05-04 Goethe-Universitaet Computing Center
Sven Specker
2011-08-11 University of Notre Dame
Derek D Owens
(project closed)
Project Bamboo Steve Masover
2011-09-13 University of Michigan
Liam Hoekenga
2011-10-14 Stichting
Dennis Eijsten
2011-10-17 Utah State University
Chuck Kimber
(coming soon) Creighton University
Adam Schumacher
2011-12-07 Saint-Petersburg State University
Alexey Kuznetsov
2012-05-11 Universidade do Porto
Sérgio Afonso
2012-05-11 (coming soon) SWAMID
Leif Johansson
2012-06-06 Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kevin Foote
2012-09-13 GakuNin (operated by National Institute of Informatics)
Motonori Nakamura
2012-10-30 Estonian Education and Research Network
Hardi Teder
2102-11-14 TransLink
Rob Church
2013-04-05 University of California, San Francisco
David Rusting
2013-07-01 Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Gregor Weissmann

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Ruediger Kunze
2013-09-04 University of Arkansas
Don Faulkner